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FREE 2-day Purpose Summit

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Our Purpose Summit is for you if you want to better tune into your life’s calling.

We’ve invited some of the most authentic life purpose facilitators we know to share their stories and wisdom to help you realign with, or deepen the connection, to your purpose.

Throughout the summit, you will learn how to overcome self-sabotage, befriend your inner critic and have more clarity on your purpose today. Because in an ever-changing world, our purpose can evolve, too.

Our presenters will help you fine-tune a more meaningful contribution to the world, and get clearer about what you really want to do with your life.

WARNING: This summit will make you happier!

Why purpose?

“In my own life, finding a clear sense of purpose has transformed me from a suicidal, lonely, lost alcoholic to someone enjoying a life of adventure, contribution and freedom.

I don’t own a yacht, but I get away with living a super-rich satisfying life doing what I love. I haven’t worried about the cost of rent, restaurants or retreats in some time; but most critically I really like going to work! I enjoy making a living in a meaningful way with lovely people I want to serve each day. That’s success to me, and it’s a world apart from my pre-purpose days.

I find that most of our embodiment clan have some sense of a purposeful life, but it’s also my experience coaching hundreds of people on the subject that this can be powerfully refined. If people are willing to go there, they can quickly get a MUCH better sense of their life’s work, and that’s well worth doing.

Put simply, orientation to purpose, again and again, has rocked my world, and I’d love you to be able to do that too more easily. So you’re warmly invited to join us on this weekend of self-discovery.”

Mark Walsh
 – Embodiment Unlimited

Meet our purpose facilitators

Rod Stryker

Author of The Four Desires and Founder of ParaYoga®

Rod is a world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher, author and creator of the online yoga training app Sanctuary.

Mark Walsh

Founder of Embodiment Unlimited

Mr Embodiment. Enough said.

Kathleen Booker

Certified Breathwork Coach

Kathleen supports individuals in clearly identifying areas needing growth, healing and focused goal creation.

Dylan Newcomb

Founder & Lead Trainer of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

Dylan gives people a transparent, integrative model & method for understanding how STATES work.

Ashanti Branch

Founder of Ever Forward Club

Ashanti works to change how students, especially young men of colour, interact with their education.

Ilan Stephani

Author, intimacy teacher and trauma educator

Berlin-based best-selling author and researcher in the fields of sexuality, spirituality, collective trauma healing and embodiment.

John Williams

Author of Business Book of the Month F**k Work Let’s Play

Founder of The Ideas Lab and author of Business Book of the Month “F**k Work Let’s Play: Do what you love & get paid for it

Wendy May

Purpose Coach, Coach Mentor, Author & Speaker

Wendy is the author of Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work.

Jamie Catto

Creative Catalyst, Musician, Mischief-maker & Author of Insanely Gifted

Jamie facilitates professional and personal breakthroughs, drawing from his ground-breaking creative processes.

Ronhild de Brito

Certified Embodied Facilitator, Empowerment & Compassion Coach

Ronhild is passionate about helping people find ease with being entirely receptive to their humanity.

Shaun Nannup

Human Being, Indigenous man & Father

Shaun’s purpose in life is to connect people through his stories. He is deeply connected to our ancestors.

Erika Chalkley

Embodiment Educator, Somatic Coach & Meditation Teacher

Erika is dedicated to helping women break free of ‘niceness’, step into their authority and live according to their own rules.

George Kao

Author and Authentic Business Coach

Advocates for integrity and compassion in marketing, instead of the predatory tactics we’ve all experienced as consumers

Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Author and Co-Founder of the School of Movement Medicine

A respected Shaman, named so by indigenous elders and author of Shaman and the best-selling Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart.

Philip Shepherd

Author and Founder of The Embodied Present Process (TEPP)

Recognised leader in the global embodiment movement and author of “Radical Wholeness” and “New Self, New World”

Karin van Maanen

Yoga & Meditation Teacher with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies

Karin combines a range of embodied and creative approaches to support personal and professional development.

Paul Linden

Aikido teacher and founder of Being in Movement and embodied peacemaking

Author, sixth degree Aikido blackbelt, Karate blackbelt, Feldenkrais Method®️ instructor and trauma educator with a PhD in Physical Education

Virginia Moutlia

Workshops and Retreats Facilitator, Events planner

Leads sessions combining her background theatre & acting, tai chi & qigong, yoga, psychotherapy and the Ancient Greek Myths & Archetypes

Daniela Welzel

Events manager with a Degree in Administration & Police-Leadership Science

Daniela has experience teaching Afghan police officers methods and didactics, psychology and code of conduct.

Steve New

Embodied Personality Facilitator & Events Manager at Embodiment Unlimited

Steve is an embodiment teacher and coach with a practice background in meditation, martial arts, yoga, breathwork, and dance.

Day 1


With Mark Walsh and guests

Steve New

Welcome: an overview of day one

John Williams

F**k work let’s play: how to do what you love and get paid for it

Mark Walsh + special guest Erika Chalkley

10 methods to better tune into your purpose

Mark Walsh + special guest Karin van Maanen

What’s my purpose NOW? Reflecting on purpose during pandemic times

Mark Walsh + special guest Daniela Welzel

How COVID has disrupted your psyche and your marketplace and what that means for your life purpose?

Mark Walsh + special guest Karin van Maanen

What I want to do before I die? Group death meditation. (Please note: potentially triggering)

Mark Walsh + special guest Karin van Maanen

Group reflection with questions gathered from the world’s best purpose coaches

Mark Walsh + special guest Erika Chalkley

Why aren’t I doing my thing? Overcoming blocks to following your life’s purpose

Day 2


From the greatest minds in the field

Steve New & Virginia Moutlia

Welcome: an overview of day two

Shaun Nannup – Purpose & Connection

Through story and connection exercises, you will connect to your origin, leading you to approach your true self and purpose.

Wendy May – Regenerative Purpose

Learning the four core qualities that allow purpose to flow freely and how to practice purpose, instead of trying to pursue it.

Erika Chalkley – How to not live your purpose

A good girl’s guide to living someone else’s life

Ronhild de Brito – When What I Do is Who I Am

How to live from a full heart

Ilan Stephani – Trauma, Purpose and the End of Smalltalk

Trauma hits all of us. Can our wounds fuel our purpose and meaningful life? A paradigm shifting exploration.

Dylan Newcomb – Move into Purposeful Action

Replace the often paralyzing trap of taking a top-down, mind-over-body approach to clarifying & embodying your “purpose” with a more organic & empowering bottom-up, body-supporting-mind approach

Panel discussion – Purpose during challenging times

Speakers + special guests Philip Shepherd, Ya’Acov Darling Khan and George Kao

Kathleen Booker – Breathe: How to Show up When Empty

When you’re feeling depleted emotionally, physically & mentally, and you have a full calendar of clients, what do you do? Breathe.

Ashanti Branch: Unmask Yourself, Unmask Your Purpose

You will leave this session with a simple, straightforward tool to help start courageous conversations about the social-emotional well-being of your community.

Jamie Catto: Everything I Wish I Knew Thirty Years Ago

Maybe you will too

Rod Stryker – The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom

In this talk, Rod will outline the most practical and powerful approach to embodying the highest principles of yoga without ever doing a yoga pose.

Mark Walsh and Paul Linden


Mark Walsh – bonus Q&A

Purpose Stories

“Mark has supported me to develop a more confident fiery aspect of my character, which helps my web design business and my work as a yoga teacher.”

Ady Griffiths
Yoga Teacher & Web Designer

“The sessions helped me define marketing in my own words, in line with my values. Now, I am clearer about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I’m gonna do it more efficiently.”

Kevin D
Trainer & community builder

“I’m bolder, more energised and more directed towards what brings me alive with a deep foundation in the body that I can revisit anytime.”

Sarah Ryan Journalist/Nature connection coach

“Thoroughly enjoyed my work with Mark. I now have a new sense of possibility in the direction of my business and renewed enthusiasm for my work.”

James Kahan, Personal trainer

“Finding purpose has given me the freedom and tools to explore what I love to share with students from my deep awareness of who I am and what makes me alive.”

Valerie Hartwich
Yoga teacher & psychosomatic massage therapist

Discover, deepen or realign with your purpose today.

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