29th August to 1st September, Brighton, UK

– With Mark Walsh, Erica Sosna, Jamie Catto and friends

“How do I make a good living doing what I love?”

This course is for you if you wish to support yourself and your loved ones by making a difference. Being either a nice but broke hippie, or a wealthy but soulless drone, isn’t a great choice. People want a third way – purpose that pays. Purpose Black Belt Bootcamp is an intensive face-to-face workshop that helps people make a good living, feeling good and doing good. Sounds good?

Life is short and work is a big chunk of it right?

This course if for people who have rejected meaningless toil and want to make a good living as facilitators, alternative health or movement professionals. I’ve ran a successful online course for two years for them, and done loads of Skype coaching, but some people wanted a face-to-face experience so we’re offering this intensive.

Purpose Black Belt Bootcamp is for you if you want:

– to better tune in to your calling
– to remove blocks to following it fully (confidence, money baggage, perfectionism, etc)
– to learn practical ethical business skills for getting your life’s work out there

Success is not a dirty word.


Will I benefit from this?

PBB Bootcamp is not for everyone. Don’t sign up for this course unless:

  • You know the rough area of your calling is as a facilitator (includes coaches, trainers, etc), alternative health practitioner or movement professional (e.g yoga, martial arts or dance teacher). You don’t have to be a pro yet, and we will accept other people, but I understand these industries best as have done well in them myself
  • You want to make more money, but money isn’t your main goal
  • You’re committed to clarifying your purpose and doing what you love
  • You’ve had enough of playing small professionally, and you’re ready to get paid to play
  • You kinda hate marketing but are ready to embrace an ethical “Jedi” version of it
  • You’re an adult tired of personal development unicorn-hugging masturbation and want to get real
  • You’re committed to taking the world back from the little grey men and body-beautiful shallow yogalebrities
  • You’re ready to invest time and money in what matters (PBB isn’t some cheap easy Mickey Mouse piece of crap)
  • You’re not fucking around anymore and want to share something that needs to be in the world in a bigger way

**Why you SHOULN’T come:

What you’ll get from Purpose Black Belt Bootcamp:

  • Grow your positive impact on the world
  • Ethically increase what you’re paid for doing it
  • Join a supportive community of values-driven people
  • Be better able to provide for yourself, your kids and your cat (or whatever) – in a way that makes them proud
  • Feel satisfied when the day is done that you’re not wasting your life
  • Align what you really care about with your wallet, by working smarter and bolder
  • Not need to live for your days off or have crushing Sunday nights
  • Feel freer and more creative with less money worries
  • Feel confident in getting what you love out there
  • Learn how to sell with your soul, without selling your soul
  • A death without regrets about what you could have done


We use a belt system (taken from martial arts which are a big influence)

The course is four days 9am-6.30pm, 29th August to 1st September at the gorgeous Angel House on the sea front in Brighton. It’s a pretty classy and inspiring place! Address: 1 Brunswick Terrace, Hove BN3 1HN (map)

There will be pre work and post intensive support.

The structure is as follows:

yellow belt – self awareness (know thyself)

  • Pre work/Day 1 – Foundations
    About the course, and how to develop personal wellbeing and leadership
  • Pre work/Day 1 – Strengths
    Find what you are really good at
  • Day 2 – Deepening into purpose
    Intuition – when facing your death, what matters?
  • Day 2 – Values
    Define what success is to you

orange belt – barriers (unfuck yourself)

  • Day 2 – Embodiment
    How to build the way of being you need
  • Day 3 – Your stuff
    Deal with your money, success and other shadows. Overcome self-sabotage
  • Day 3- Confidence and critics
    Have the confidence of a drunk lion starting a fight. Befriend your inner critic
  • Day 3 – Being seen
    Learn to be seen and not always liked. Harvesting demons to work for you

brown belt – marketing (sell yourself)

  • Day 4 – Jedi marketing
    Essentials of Jedi approach, reframing “marketing”, relationship funnels
  • Day 4 – Niching and target audiences
    Find a fit, find and lead your tribe
  • Day 4 – Conscious marketing practicalities
    Bullshit-free marketing
  • Day 4 – Specifics of Marketing
    Copywriting/Conscious Business
  • Day 4 – Your project
    From idea to action. You will come out of the intensive with a plan for an “experiment” in the real world

black belt – prototype (do it yourself)

  • Post intensive follow-ups:
    • Experiments continue
    • Action learning reviews and further support webinars
    • Ongoing small peer-group and Facebook community support
    • Access to vast library of supportive videos and recorded webinars

Meet the dream/reality team

The workshop will be lead by Purpose Black Belt founder Mark Walsh (bio), and supported by career coach and author Erica Sosna (bio), actor of Matrix fame, improvisor and bodyworker Rachel Blackman (bio) and rock-star guest trainer Jamie Catto (bio). Some other guest trainers and support staff will be helping out too so it’ll be well staffed.

Mark Walsh’s story:

Don’t believe me?

Here’s some nice things people have said about doing purpose related courses with me. Obviously I’ve left out the guy who thought I was rude and hated my guts but he was a muppet anyway 😉

“The session helped me define marketing in my own words, in line with my values. Now, I am clearer about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I’m gonna do it more efficiently”

Kevin D | Trainer and community builder | France

“I did a one day course with Mark and in the first 10 minutes we nailed how to feel less fear. I’m bolder, more energised and more directed towards what brings me alive with a deep foundation in the body that I can revisit anytime. I noticed unhelpful patterns that hold me back and now have some swift and easy ways to unblock them. Not only do I feel more focused on what my purpose is, but I also feel totally equipped to take it on.”

Sarah Ryan | Journalist/Nature connection coach | Peterborough, UK

“Mark has helped me to get more comfortable in my own skin in a way that has been recognized by my professional managers and colleagues and partner / friends. I have shown up with a different sort of assertiveness which has been helpful in my work and personal life. My ongoing practices help me to choose “who” I will be in a given circumstance to produce amazing results.”

Joe | HR Manager | Texas, USA

“I had a marketing coaching session with Mark Walsh, and what I got from it was awareness of my main block, a daily practice to remove it, and clarity about niches.”

Tana | Reiki therapist| Ottawa, Canada

“Mark’s teaching on clarifying purpose has informed the way I live my life and all the work I do. Working with Mark helped me become more assertive and definitive in communicating my desires which makes my desires more attainable. Also, the company Mark keeps is nothing short of amazing. Many of the relationships I established while working with Mark continue to grow and enrich my life. I highly recommend his body of work and have great respect for him.”

Charlie Birch | Co-Founder at Rebel + Connect | Boulder, USA

“Thanks for fanning the flames of my purpose and passion, to keep me inspired and motivated in my professional life.”

Karin van Maanen | Yoga and mindfulness teacher | Canterbury, UK

“I have attended a number of Mark’s trainings and regularly apply skills I have learned in my work as a charity director. I have learned centering and grounding strategies that allow me to be more present to the needs of people I work with. I have worked on acquiring more fierceness through embodied practice, which stands me in good stead as a compassionate but robust leader.”

Chris Brown | Co-founder Grassroots Suicide Prevention | Sussex, UK

“This course has been incredible. I have gained confidence, purpose, inspiration, community and tonnes of motivation. If you want to do something meaningful, do this course. They’re launching the second wave in February. You will not regret it.”

Lucie Bradley | Medical herbalist and massage therapist | Scotland

“Mark is annoying, good annoying.”

Isabelle | Aged 10 | Daughter of student

“Work with Mark because he’s crazy. And fun. And holds me upside down and let’s me walk on him. And loves me.”

Jessica | Aged 5 and a half

Free Tips

Top tips for finding your purpose
Top marketing tips
How to find your niche as a yoga teacher
Top tips for unfucking yourself
How to find your strengths
How to find your niche as a coach

Why I’m doing this – the personal bit…

In my own life finding a clear sense of purpose has transformed me from a suicidal lonely lost alcoholic, to someone happily living a life of adventure and freedom, making a living in a meaningful way with lovely people. That’s success to me. I’m pretty sure that what purpose brings was part of what attracted my wife too, but it could have just been my bum. I’m not a millionaire, but I get away with living a super-rich satisfying life as a trainer, coach and yoga teacher. I haven’t worried about the cost of rent, restaurants or retreats in some time. It was a rough ride at first though, I was really poor as I learnt the hard way how to make a business out of what I love. I did it in my own creative way, without compromise. I want to help others do that, as the world needs the lovely people to be successful or we let the psychopaths win by default.

On face-to-face embodiment courses over twenty years I’ve seen people get in touch with themselves deeply and learn practical skills to make an impact, and last I year decided to make this available to people online as it’s cheaper and more convenient. The body piece is vital as just reading books isn’t enough to overcome blocks around – we need to embody the change we want to see. It’s not OK for me that this work remains the domain of elites and bluntly I’m tired of seeing the best people I know made lame and miserable by their baggage, and their lack of simple pragmatic business skills. I’ve put a load of stuff free on YouTube, and 10 million hits says something, but we’ve also found people really need structure, community and commitment to go deeper. We achieved this last year. I also wanted to put a purpose course together which wasn’t the usual cheesy politically-naive narcissistic Californian bollocks, or some money-grabbing valueless abomination. People kept asking me to help them do what I’ve done which is to make a decent living doing work I love. So after about 1000 casual coffee chats and formal coaching sessions, here’s what I’ve come up with – a course to clarify why you’re on the planet, unfuck yourself, and ethical sell your work to help the world. Get it in ya!

– Mark Walsh

On a private yacht being blown by supermodels… ok, chilling in Brighton on the beach

Your commitment

In order not to waste your time and money, and our time too, we’re asking that you commit to the following if you sign up to Purpose Black Belt:


Doing the pre work (this amounts to 5-8 hours of tasks and video watching)


Commitment to attend the intensive in full on time, no excuses


To be open and work hard on the intensive


To turn up in a resilient state for this and not be an over-sensitive prick during the bootcamp (it will be emotionally demanding at times as well as lots of fun)


A willingness to apply what you learn in the real world in the action-learning post intensive follow-up

What to do now

If this spoke to you, and you can afford the investment, buy it. Simple.

If it doesn’t sound like it’s your thing you probably didn’t read this far though right? Is it worth it? EVERYONE who’s completed the online version said YES.

If it seems like a good fit for you I’d ask this, how much would you spend on a great holiday for a couple of weeks away from work? Why not spend that on making the rest of your life great?

Also in terms of the marketing work – how much more of what you do would you have to sell as a result of doing this to make it worth it several times over? Assuming you don’t sell £1 yoga classes, if you got even somewhat better at selling your thing it’d be well worth it right? If you want to invest in yourself and have that come back big time, go for it. Enough sellin… if it sounds like it’s your thing take action, if not, also cool, have a good ‘un.

How much does all this cost?

I’ve priced the course in a way that will not only return a decent profit for me after I’ve paid all the guests etc, but will also mean people will take it seriously. As we will be working directly on your real work it will pay back many times over so it really is an investment. I feel like a cheesy muppet saying that but true.

Prices and Booking

Super early bird rate: £375 (before 1st July)
Early bird rate: £495 (before 1st August)
Bring a friend rate (no deadline): £495 each
Full price: £600

For booking make a payment (stating your name and course title) to:

Embodied Courses Ltd
Barclays Bank
Sort code: 20-12-80
Account Number: 73160645
IBAN: GB94 BARC 2012 8073 1606 45

Contact to find out more

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